Çift Kollu StrongArm™, Her İki Kolda Çabuk Tak Bağlantılar İle (Ray Klempi Yok)

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Model No. 73012.

Twin Arm StrongArm™ Holder and Positioner. The Twin Arm Device features two Side Mounted Arms with Quick Disconnect feature on both arms. It is most commonly used in Laparoscopic Surgery to hold a liver retractor with one arm and the laparoscope with the other. It must be attached to the OR Table with the Mediflex® Heavy Duty Rail Clamp or similar device (available separately.)

  • Single tensioning knobs that unlocks/locks all three joints simultaneously
  • One piece design
  • Height adjustable
  • Quick connect feature allows for a variety of distal working tips to be used on the same arm
  • For use in both open and laparoscopic procedures

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