Dikey Uzantılı StrongArm™ Nathanson Karaciğer Ekartör Sistemi 6.5mm Kancalar İle (S, MXL & LXL)

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6.5mm Extra Long Hooks

Model No. 73025-XL.

StrongArm™ Nathanson Liver Retraction System with 6.5mm Hooks with Extra Long Tips. The System features the Top Mount StrongArm Holder and Positioner along with three 6.5mm Nathanson Hooks and two Instrument Tips. The Large and Medium Hooks have Extra Long Tips. The Hooks and Tips each feature the Mediflex® Hexagonal Fitting that allows them to be easily attached to and removed from any Mediflex Surgical Holder and Positioner that has the Quick Disconnect Feature. The 6.5mm Hooks are best suited for Bariatric Procedures. The tips can be used to hold other laparoscopic devices when the Hooks are not being used.

  • Used in Bariatric and GERD procedures
  • Eliminates the need of assistant to hold the liver retractor
  • Hexagonal lock virtually eliminates retractor slippage and rotation
Model Description Size Quantity
69707 Delrin Tip   1
69735 Small 6.5mm Nathanson Hook 6.5mm 1
69736-XL Medium 6.5mm Nathanson Hook with long tip 6.5mm 1
69737-XL Large 6.5mm Nathanson Hook with long tip 6.5mm 1
73001-TM Top Mount StrongArm™ Holder and Positioner (without rail clamp)   1
69706 Stainless Steel Tip   1
69099 Heavy Duty O.R Rail Clamp   1

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