Bookler® Endoscopic FlexArm™ Plus System With Fixed Delrin Tip, 12″ Post

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Model No. 99106.

Bookler Flex Arm™ Plus Holding And Positioning System. Developed by Mediflex and John Bookwalter, M.D., a version of this arm was made for the Codman Bookwalter System for many years. This arm features a fixed Mediflex Delrin Tip. This system includes the Bookler Arm, a 12″ Bookler Field Post and the Bookler Post Coupler with Cam Lock.

Model Description Size Quantity
72011 Field Post 12″ (30cm) 1
72013 Bookler Post Coupler 1″ to 1″ (2.5 to 2.5cm) 1
99029 Bookler<sup>®</sup> Flex Arm™  with Fixed Delrin Tip   1

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