Bookler® Endoscopic FlexArm™ Plus System With Fixed Delrin Tip, 18″ Post

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Model No. 99096.

Bookler Flex Arm™ Plus Holding And Positioning System with fixed Delrin Tip, 18″ Post. Developed by Mediflex and John Bookwalter, M.D., a version of this arm was made for the Codman Bookwalter System for many years. This arm features a fixed Mediflex Quick-Connect Delrin Tip. This system includes the Bookler FlexArm Plus, an 18″ Bookler Field Post and the Bookler Post Coupler with Cam Lock.

Model Description Size Quantity
72009 Field Post 18″ (45cm) 1
72013 Bookler Post Coupler 1″ to 1″ (2.5 to 2.5cm) 1
99029 Bookler® Flex Arm™ with fixed Delrin Tip 1

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