Model No. FG2X3.

Targeted protection from trauma/compression injury to vessels, nerves, and organs.

  • Easy to apply to hand-held or self retaining retractor blades to increase safety
  • Remains on the blade throughout the surgery saving OR time
  • Eliminates the need for lap pads or sponges which can cause post-op adhesions

The FlexGuard™ adhesive attachment to the retractor blade ensures targeted protection throughout the surgery. Lap pads are difficult to place properly and tend to move. In addition, they are usually ineffective and need to be checked periodically which increases surgical time and presents challenges.

The low profile FlexGuard™ is applied in line with the blade curvature essentially becoming part of the blade. Lap pads or sponges are bulky and can obstruct the surgical field.

FlexGuard™ applied to any retractor blade will protect vessels and nerves as well as reduce risk of injury to the liver and other organs.

Used in place of lap pads and sponges, FlexGuard™ eliminates associated foreign debris, thus post-operative issues.

FlexGuard™ may reduce post-operative inflammation, adhesions, neuropathies and chronic pain which will result in earlier ambulation, better diet tolerance-overall a more rapid recovery requiring less pain medication with a higher rate of patient satisfaction.