Teleflex® Premium Diamond Edge Aortic Punch - Standard Length


By allowing the diamond edge blade to "float" around the punch core during operation, alignment is maintained and mechanical jamming is prevented. One punch can be used to create multiple punches in a single procedure.

Two diamond-sharp cutting surfaces lift and cleanly cut through all layers of tough tissue. The smooth cutting action reduces trauma while the tapered distal portion increases visibility around the anastamotic site.

DP-40K: Standard length sterile (7-3/4" handle), size 4.0 mm

MDP-28K 6-3/4" handle, size 2.8 mm        DP-28K 7-3/4" handle, size 2.8 mm 
MDP-36K 6-3/4" handle, size 3.6 mm        DP-36K 7-3/4" handle, size 3.6 mm 
MDP-40K 6-3/4" handle, size 4.0 mm        DP-40K 7-3/4" handle, size 4.0 mm 
MDP-44K 6-3/4" handle, size 4.4 mm        DP-44K 7-3/4" handle, size 4.4 mm 
MDP-48K 6-3/4" handle, size 4.8 mm        DP-48K 7-3/4" handle, size 4.8 mm 
MDP-52K 6-3/4" handle, size 5.2 mm        DP-52K 7-3/4" handle, size 5.2 mm 
MDP-56K 6-3/4" handle, size 5.6 mm        DP-56K 7-3/4" handle, size 5.6 mm 
MDP-60K 6-3/4" handle, size 6.0 mm        DP-60K 7-3/4" handle, size 6.0 mm


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