Model No. 69074.

The New Mediflex Lap-Rack™ System.

Convenient Instrument Holding & Positioning System. Now available with new holding tube accessories.

  • For use during most laparoscopic procedures
  • Holds all standard laparoscopic instruments, 3mm to 12mm diameter
  • Silicone instrument holders and Nylon rails protect and stabilize instruments

Quick and easy access to instruments when and where you need them!

The Lap-Rack™ is specially designed to hold 8 or more laparoscopic instruments of any size including clip appliers, graspers, needle drivers and stapling devices. It also enhances cord management by holding cautery  probes, suction/irrigators and the harmonic scalpel.

Cantilever style Rack attaches directly to surgical table rail. It allows rapid and secure presentation of instruments. The Lap-Rack moves with the surgical table.

Keeps instruments in the sterile field- not on the floor. Prevents disruption of procedure to replace instruments.

Provides immediate access to instruments without losing sight of the monitor. Surgeon maintains focus on the procedure.

Eliminates awkward hand to hand instrument exchanges. The surgeon chooses the instrument at his or her convenience.

Model Description Size Quantity
69098 Long Reach Mount Post/Swivel Ball Assembly. 1
69097-FR Lap-Rack™ Mount and Rack only 1
69099 Heavy Duty O.R Rail Clamp 1