13″ (27.8cm)

Model No. D1005.

Mediflex® Rigid Cholangiography Catheter for Introduction. Whether your surgeons introduce the Cholangiography Catheter through a trocar or percutaneously…whether they like a rigid tip or a flexible catheter, Mediflex has the right product for you. This device has a tapered, beaded-tip 13″ (27.8cm) rigid catheter with radiolucent 5mm introducer sheath and gas seal. For laparoscopic use through a 5mm trocar/cannula. Sterile, 10 each per box.

Mediflex’s line of reliable instruments for laparoscopic cholangiography enables surgeons, patients, and hospitals to enjoy the benefits of the latest developments in cholecystectomy. Product features such as a rigid catheter; tapered bead and a sheath with a built-in gas seal allow surgeons to perform a greater number of procedures more quickly and effectively.

Patients benefit from the knowledge that their gall bladder problems will be alleviated in less time, and with fewer debilitating side effects than with traditional procedures. Hospitals that incorporate Mediflex instruments into their cholangiography programs place themselves on the cutting edge of health care, and can enjoy the significant revenue opportunities that these programs provide.