Model No. 72229-B.

Mini-Bookler® Hand Surgery System, Blunt Hook. For Surgeries of the hand, whether done by a Hand Surgeon, an Orthopod or a Plastic Surgeon, this is a great basic set. Four different hooks allow for a variety of exposures and you can add additional retractor blades as needed. Note: Should be used with Mediflex StrongArm™ Holder and Positioner, available separately.

Model Description Size Quantity
72252 Mini-Bookler® Blade, Blunt Triple Hook 2
72255 Mini-Bookler® Blade, Blunt Single Hook 2
72256 Mini-Bookler® Blade, Blunt Double Hook 2
72257 Mini-Bookler® Blade, Blunt Quad Hook 2
72290 Mini-Bookler® Twist Ratchet 1
72294 Mini-Bookler® Tilt Ratchet 4
72295 Mini-Bookler® Split Ring 7″ (17.5cm) 1

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