Model No. 99055-QCLR.

Twin Arm FlexArm™ Plus Long Reach Post with 2 Quick Connect, Hex Fittings.  The FlexArm™ Plus is stronger, smoother and easier to use! Mediflex®, innovator of the Original FlexArm™ Universal Surgical Holding & Positioning Arm, introduces its latest generation technology.

The New FlexArm™ Plus design now features:

  • Sleek, rounded body and knobs
  • Quicker, smoother tightening
  • Greater rigidity – up to 2 times stronger than previous designs

No more need to reset FlexArm™ when performing routine cleaning and sterilization.

The FlexArm™ Plus is designed for speed and strength. 3 handle turns makes the arm rigid and ready for holding – 3 turns counterclockwise prepares the arm for cleaning and sterilization.

  • Attaches easily and securely to an OR table
  • Can be positioned in virtually infinite numbers of positions
  • Can be tightened to hold that position
  • Can hold a wide variety of scopes and instruments
Model Description Size Quantity
69098 Long Reach Mount Post/Swivel Ball Assembly 1
69099 Heavy Duty Rail Clamp 1
99056-QC Universal FlexArm™ Plus with Quick Connect Fitting 2

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