Model No. 69601.

Mediflex® Universal Table Mounted Retractor Basic Starter System I. This Starter System is the perfect way to begin a customized table mounted system for most General Surgery procedures. In addition to the Large Split Ring it includes a Field Post, Post Coupler, 6 snap clamps and a bridge kit when the open end of the split ring needs to be closed. Simply add the blades needed for specific surgeons or specific procedures.

Model Description Size Quantity
72013 Standard Stainless Steel Post Coupler 1″ to 1″ (2.5 to 2.5cm) 1
69592 Universal Round Bar Extension Bridge Kit 1
69589 Universal Split Ring Frame 14″ x 15″ (35cm x 37.5cm) 1
72011 Field Post 12″ (30cm) 1
69187-S Universal Round Bar Quick-Lock Snap Clamp 6

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